100 posts and counting …

My last post was also my 100th post, so many things have changed since that first one, even blogging has changed for me. At the start it was new and scary, but a few posts in and I was enjoying doing things, looking for reasons to write.

Then life changed, in many ways and my world became tiny, distanced from friends, no routine. Lonely, boring and not blog worthy.

I’ve been thinking about a few dilemmas over the last few days. So here’s where you might be able to help me. As a single parent, making decisions can be terrifying, so having people around to discuss ideas, suggestions and recommendations is always helpful.

The current dilemma – to get my son his own mobile phone or not ? He’s starting secondary school soon. Here are my thoughts …

Around half of the kids in his class already have one, including some that he wants to keep contact with when he leaves for secondary school. I understand the pressure to be the same, keep up but it worries me. Is he old enough for the responsibility of a phone and internet access. I trust that he will tell me of any issues, and we’ve discussed rules. He already talks to me about any issues he has, so will it make that bond stronger or push him away ?

Getting one now will give him time to get used to using it with kids he is comfortable around before he moves to his new school. Also they could be a good support when he moves if he needs it.

So what do you think ? Any advice, guidance will be appreciated.

Thank you my friends for being around and the support you’ve given me, here’s to the next 100 posts….


8 thoughts on “100 posts and counting …

  1. hi Claire, I think it’s a good idea for kids to have a mobile when they move on to high school. It’s usually the first time they will be out and about alone, walking too and from school and it is a good idea that they can contact you in an emergency.

    The internet is an invaluable source of information as you well know but needs to be monitored for safety, but you know all of this, but if you are concerned about internet usage then just buy a simple phone that makes calls and sends texts. He can always use the Internet at home for homework etc..

    So speaks Auntie Jan x

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  2. Hi Claire! These milestones very soon crop up… keep on keeping on – it’s all good! 🙂
    I can’t really offer you any solid advice with regards to the mobile, but will say there’s always that time when one could be needed… if that helps any.

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  3. I think it’s a good idea for him to have a phone but you remain in control of what apps can go on it. Perhaps it’s worth putting a limit on Internet time on the phone (a bit of faffing but it could put you at ease) or explain that it’s for the journey to school and any Internet access at home is to be on the computer or tablet where you can monitor. It’s a scary milestone, but you will navigate it the right way for you and your son. X x (PS I’ve taught e safety to y6, so I know there are lots of questions and issues to consider for you and him!)

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    1. We have rules on internet at home already and he’s pretty good with them. I’m more bothered about other people having access to him via internet than the reverse, if that makes sense. Probably every parents concerns.

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