12 months on ….

I miss you everyday, I say good morning to your photo in the kitchen and tell you my fears, dreams and joys every night before I sleep. We sing along to songs you loved in the car and laugh at the funny things you did with us.

You may not be here in body but in our hearts and minds you will never be forgotten. A huge part of our lives and always will be, Phil,my best friend.

You were as stubborn and as opinionated as me and from time to time we disagreed in a BIG way, but you always valued my views and although didn’t agree could let it pass between us. I know you loved listening to the drama/disaster/chaos going on in my life and workplace because it took your mind away from your pains and problems. One of the things I miss most is waking up to a text message telling me what offer you found at Tesco at 3am because you couldn’t sleep.

I know wherever you are everyone around you will be well fed with a smile on their faces.





4 thoughts on “12 months on ….

  1. Dearest Claire.
    I visited your blog and read the poem at the top then the title of this post, and thought … aww, they’ve been married twelve months. It’s their anniversary! Then I read on, and before I’d even finished the first line I was choking back tears.

    I’m so, so sorry for your loss.

    May time bring you the peace that your heart needs. May you eventually learn to breathe without reminding yourself to breathe. May light eventually shine in the places in your heart and mind where everything is, at the moment, dark and dismal.

    Time may ‘heal’ your heart, but there will always be a scar … and you will eventually come to love that scar, for it will become part of your beautiful memories.

    Know that there are an awful lot of people who are thinking of you, praying for you and wishing you well. You aren’t alone. The world is with you.

    Sending you my regards, and a warm hug, ~ Cobs. x

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