London – Part 5 – The end

Our last full day was Sunday, and time to explore somewhere new. We jumped on the tube and a couple of stops later arrived in a very sunny, busy Camden town.


We had a walk along the canal and around the market, and I think I found a place I could live in London. I loved the variety of people, shops and food.

A chilled day of wandering and then a stroll back towards the hotel to start packing and get organised for leaving the next day. We ate in our favourite little Italian again for yet another delicious meal.

Monday morning and all packed up we left our bags at the hotel and we had a wander over to the British Library, which was a two minute walk.

Oscar loves libraries, even more than me. We had been past here a few times and he had repeatedly asked to go inside, so with time it spare in we went. As we went inside I noticed and exhibition of old, rare and unusual books, so we went straight in and had a look around. It was really interesting and we both enjoyed seeing some of the hand written books and the very old bibles. As we came out of the exhibition he spotted the information board and desk and went over. As he was looking at it, a man asked him ‘are you looking for something in particular ?’ ‘yes, the children’s section’ and this is where the problem started, ‘we don’t have a children’s section’ was the reply. Without missing a beat, Oscar replied ‘but you have a copy of every book printed and you don’t have children’s books, so you lied’ with that he turned on his heels, and said to me ‘lets go, I want to find a proper library that has children’s books’ then over his shoulder ‘And I’m never coming back here’ Oh dear…. I must say the man’s face was a picture.

After this disappointment, we had a little wander into Kings cross station, to see platform 9 3/4, it was very busy so didn’t bother queuing for photo’s but it was fun to see the trolley in the wall.

No holiday is complete without churros so we ordered some and sat and watched the world pass by, then off to collect our bags and get our own train homeward bound.







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