Bye-Bye knitting needles

Earlier this year I found myself quite stressed with all the job and routine changes happening, so I went back to knitting as a way of ‘relaxing’ but found I couldn’t keep track of a pattern and was getting more and more stressed.

Whilst I was working part-time I had found a local craft group, who were very supportive and most crafted for charity.

I had a sort out of my craft material, which was slightly terrifying, and I donated 3 bin liners full and lots of books to these lovely people, safe in the knowledge that the babies in special care will have tiny hats and cardigans and some local hospices will have blankets, shawls and monetary donations from all the goodies I gave them, so lets think positive, less stress and a good deed done.

I have kept a few balls of wool and the appropriate knitting needles just in case, at some point, I’m tempted to make something but for the time being I’m going to limit my creativity to photography and I’ve still got a huge cross stitch project to finish.




3 thoughts on “Bye-Bye knitting needles

  1. Donating ones crafty stash is a scarey thing to do. It’s also one of the most selfless.
    Very well done Claire. It’s a brave and wonderful thing you’ve done, which will have benefitted the people you donated your stash to, and the charities they work with/for.

    And you … will find life lighter and brighter for not having that *thing* pulling and calling to you and making you feel guilty for having it there when you weren’t using it.

    There may be a moment at some point in the future that you might wish you hadn’t given *that* particular thing away, but hey, you can always buy that ball of wool again, or those needles. And buying it will still mean that you’ve done a whole great big thing of wonderment to the charities involved.

    Well done Claire. Although I’m not be benefitting personally, but on behalf of those who aren’t in a position of thanking you personally, I say Thank You.
    You’ve done a truly wonderful thing and are an inspiration to all.
    Have a blessed Sunday. ~ Cobs. x 🌷 🌷 🌷

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