The film list update

Guess what I forgot to do last year ?

That’s right update the film challenge from 50 things

I had a look at the end of January at the current IMDB 250 list, although I have been to the cinema, it’s not been as much as in previous years and I haven’t watched as many films as I’ve been too busy catching up on TV series box sets.

Looking at the most recent list there aren’t very many from the last 2 years that have made the top 250 although I haven’t seen a couple of the ones listed and I did notice quite a few older films that I’ve still not seen so maybe it’s time to track some of them down and rack up the total.

The current total is 176 of 250, close but still plenty to watch, although I have to say I’m not sure why some of them made the top 250 list. I’ve watched plenty of really good films which never made the list but should have.

Crafts and relaxation

After spending days looking for patterns I liked but not having the right wool and/or needles I decided it was stressing me out and have put all the knitting stuff away. Probably not for good but definitely for the time being.

Instead I decided to go back to something I did many years ago, cross stitch. It only took me a few minutes and I found a Bothy Threads counted cross-stitch I wanted to do. Thanks to the power of Amazon prime it was ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours (other retailers are available)

I sorted everything out, found my middle point and made a start. I’ve not done any for a long time and quickly found my hands aching. So I decided to do up to one hour a night and it’s coming along very nicely. It’s not finished, in fact not even half way through but here’s the latest progress.

I will post photo’s of the finished project.

The latest (and last) reading challenge

I have attempted a reading challenge for the last 4 or 5 years but never completed one yet, mostly because there’s always at least one category that I can’t find a book for. Sometimes the categories are so random or vague that I spend more time researching than I get to actually reading, such as an epic romance, a 20th century classic, or a book with bad reviews.

So I took to good old Google for ideas for a new challenge and I found one that I know I can complete, although it will take longer than a year. The A-Z reading challenge, I am going to aim to read at least one book a month and will update the blog along the way. I’m not going to start at A and work to Z instead will read what I fancy and fill the gaps as I go. I will include E-books, as I read a lot of these on holiday,  but won’t include any audio books or podcasts.

I’m still enjoying listening to audio books too, especially when digging on the allotment, and I may run an A-Z audio book challenge also.

Any book recommendations will be happily received, here we go ….


My Liverpool

Liverpool is a busy city, full of people, noise, music, eating and drinking. Sometimes there’s so much going on that we fail to see anything.

I’ve always loved the museums and galleries but sometimes you just need to grab a camera and walk around the streets.

Liverpool has many beautiful places but a short walk away from the bustle of the shops you’ll find yourself in the Baltic triangle, home of the creative people in Liverpool.

So on a cold and icy winter day I took a walk around to show you some of the artwork on display.

Sometimes you just need to ignore the noise and look around.