I’ve not been very creative over the last few months, other than a cross stitch kit I’m currently working on.

However I was looking through some old photo’s for a particular one and found a few of the things I have made over the years, so I thought I’d share a few with you all.

One of the first things I made, after the basic scarf and squares, was a baby cardigan for my friends new son. It was a simple pattern to follow, although the sleeves seemed quite long and the neckline wasn’t as neat as it could have been, but for a first attempt it was acceptable, and they were happy with it.


Then Oscar wanted a hoodie making for him, so we went and found some wool he was happy with and I found a pattern that wasn’t to complex but would push my limits and this was the end result.


He was happy with it, after this I took a little break.

Next time I started knitting again it was for charity, the local hospital neo-natal unit put a message out across social media, they needed baby hats. I had small amounts of double knit wool and a simple pattern to follow, it was easy to knit a few of these each night and the stack soon grew. Most neo-natal units are always after hats, blankets and small squares, if you have spare double-knit wool and a little time.

To try and use up some of my wool, and I had quite a bit, I saw a pom-pom rug on Etsy and thought that looks like a simple idea, and gave it a go. It took over a month of making pom-poms every night and then a few hours to attach them to hessian backing and it looked and felt lovely on the bedroom floor next to the bed.

However these rugs aren’t good for high traffic areas, and are more decorative and after a few weeks the pom-pom’s started to flatten and come apart.

Most recently I made a few baby blankets and hats for friends new arrivals.


Here’s a few of the other many varied items I have made along the way.

The needles may be away for the time being but these photo’s encourage me not to give up and with time, effort and patience I can make beautiful things that make people smile.


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