A noisy problem

I love having birds in the garden and we’ve always done everything we can to encourage them, feed stations, bird bath and plenty of shrubs and bushes for them to hide and nest in. However this year we have an issue, a very noisy issue.

At the front of the house we have six foot high hedges, a holly tree and a conifer and usually its a harmonious place filled with cheeps and tweets from various babies, that was until a couple of magpies arrived. They decided to build a nest in the holly tree and have caused mayhem ever since. First they chased the blackbirds out of the hedges and into the conifer, which was going well until a very windy storm and we found two blackbird babies, much too young to fledge, on the floor at the base of the tree. The parents quickly decamped and set up home at the back of the house and are successfully and peacefully raising the next brood.

Next it was the wood pigeons and jays, both of which used to visit morning and evening but have given up fighting their way to the food whilst being bombarded by screeching and flapping. Although occasionally the jay ventures to the back of the house for food.

Now it’s the humans, we live on a main, busy road and during the day it’s not as much of an issue (I think the magpies must be getting their beauty sleep then) but from around 10 at night all hell breaks loose. Anyone dares to walk along the road gets screeched at from the top of the holly. Unfortunately some of the local cats have also joined in and have now taken to sitting at the bottom of the tree. They don’t do anything other than sit there but the cawing and screeching is so loud and can go on for hours.

I have been out in the garden at ‘stupid o’clock’ in my pyjama’s shouting at them to shut up and chasing the cats away. I was wondering what the neighbours thought if they saw me, but then a couple of nights ago whist opening the window to see what was causing that night’s noisy outburst, I spotted the neighbour in his garden, pj’s and slippers waving a newspaper around and telling the magpies, in very clear language, what he would do to them if they didn’t shut up !

Thankfully all the rain we have had recently has really settled them down, although I think it might just be the lack of cats and people around. Fingers crossed the noisy critters have given up their torment and will let us all sleep peacefully at night.

3 thoughts on “A noisy problem

  1. Such fun, Claire!
    The magpies are probably screeching at the cats. If you make friends with magpies, they become friends for life, and are really enjoyable to watch when you see their personalities. It sounds like all of your feathered visitors are vying for the same places, but once they’ve sorted themselves out you will find yourself back in tranquil harmony. The pyjama scenes sound most comical.
    🐧 (I couldn’t find a magpie and a penguin was the next best thing!) 😁

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