Back to reality

After 10 days of relaxation in the Portuguese sunshine it was back to the lovely sunshine on the allotment.

Apparently there was plenty of rain but also warmth during our 10 days away and everything has gone bonkers.

The day before we went away I harvested as much as I could, some I gave away and everything else we used, cooked and froze. So you can imagine my surprise (horror) to find 4 arm length courgettes, enough ripe tomatoes to fill 3 litre containers, 14 sweet peppers and a few handfuls of birds-eye chillies.

And that was just the start.

Finally I had a cauliflower, my first ever and 2 tender heart cabbages (that the slugs and snails haven’t munched). The leeks are growing really well too. The rhubarb has made a miraculous recovery and is better now than earlier in the year.

The beans have finally managed to establish and have plenty of flowers, I’m hoping they do better than the peas did. Also the seeds I kept from last years orange pumpkin have grown into the strangest things, all are green speckled, whilst 2 are small and round, the other 2 are oblong and huge.

The flowers have really taken off and have established well, I’m hoping plenty of them self seed for next year. The wildlife is loving the overgrowth, and we have seen lots of baby fish in both of the older established ponds. Also plenty of frogs and crickets.


The foxes are making themselves known around the site and are running riot with their youngsters. Thankfully they haven’t dug anywhere on my plot this year but I do have plenty of track marks where they’ve been through.

3 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. What a fab harvest! My ‘proper’ growing has been disastrous, but thankfully the established fruit trees and bushes have done well so I still have plenty of produce to deal with. Enjoy making lots of delicious things with what you’ve got.

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    1. It’s not been anywhere near as good as last year and everything was so late getting going but it’s beginning to catch up. All the things I struggled with last year are doing well and the opposite for the rest. But life would be boring if it was all easy. Enjoy your garden and being outdoors makes life fun x


      1. It’s funny isn’t it how some years are better for different things. I’ve got my eye on the current chicken pen (they are moving) for squashes and pumpkins next year, hoping the well fertilised soil will do a good job as mine this year came to nothing.

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