Busy, busy, busy

This week has been crazy busy and I’d promised a little too much for the weekend, so no relaxing.

Work has been bonkers, including a few extra hours. It was back to school this week so early mornings for a grumpy, tired boy. At least he’s getting back into routine.

Also I promised to take him shopping, with his birthday money. Now I’m not a shopper, in fact, I think I’m the only person in the family who finds the thought of wandering around shops boring, especially window shopping. Oscar had dragged me round the shops a few weeks ago to check out things he might like and had written a list. Once his money was in and tallied he narrowed down the important things he wanted. So Saturday morning off we went to shop ’til he dropped. It was a successful visit, he got most of the things from his list, with a few discounts and some money left over. He also learnt the value of money by having to prioritise which items were important to him and deciding to go with a cheaper option to get other things or an expensive item but at the expense of something else. I know that by handing over his own cash means he will look after the items he has chosen.

One other thing I accomplished this weekend was sorting out a phone upgrade for myself and a transfer for Oscar. Although with limited time I decided to do it myself at home, the phone part was easy however re-logging into apps was a nightmare, especially as I had to do it for both of us ! (and one reason this is late being uploaded)

I had a quick couple of visits and harvests this week, and I made a leek and potato soup and filled the freezer with lots of tomatoes and french beans. The pumpkins are starting to turn orange finally. I also took a huge bag of pears into work, much to the delight of my colleagues.

I promised (before the birthday shopping event was planned) we would make a pineapple upside down cake, I tried to put him off whilst I sorted the phones out, but no ! So while the soup was simmering, I put the oven on and got everything out. Oscar weighed, measured, mixed and followed step by step the recipe. It turned out pretty well.


Another busy week lies ahead, but the next weekend doesn’t have a lot of plans, however the allotment needs a ton of work so weather depending, the weekend will include some hard work.



I have mixed views about social media, I use Facebook and Instagram. Mostly to keep in touch with family as most of them live far away from me so it’s an easy way to share info and see how they are doing. I hate all the ‘rubbish’ and fake news you have to endure to keep this contact.

The one I like the most, but probably use the least, is Instagram, I enjoy taking photo’s although I’m not the greatest at it, and love seeing other peoples photo’s, and what they are doing. One of the people I follow is an account set up by a lovely lady, @fatmumslim, she runs a photo a day challenge every month, and I’ve tried to complete as many as possible but never managed a whole month (yet). So every month she posts a list and anyone can join in with the #fmspad


This month is an easier challenge as it’s alphabet based. So I thought I’d combine it with some of my posts on here. As today is the first, the letter is A and I thought I’d share my photo’s and reasons.

Two of my aunties, who have been an important part of my life, Audrey was my great-aunt and I lived with her for a time. She was a lovely person, she gave good hugs too. And my auntie Avis, who we lost earlier this year and has left a huge whole in the family. Again a lovely person who never failed to make us laugh.


Alex, my baby brother. Always an inspiration and a fantastic role-model for Oscar. He never followed the ‘norm’ and often followed his heart but this lead not only to his dream job but also his wonderful wife.

Lastly no A could be complete without my allotment. It’s my haven and little slice of heaven on earth. Today I harvested the first, and only apple from my tiny tree.


If you are on Instagram then why not have a look and join in. What A’s are important in your life ?

I won’t be posting all the letters on here, unless you want me too but will keep you updated with how the challenge is going.