Life and moving forwards

2016 has been a year of many changes, lots of losses and not many gains. It’s been a sad, lonely year mostly but it’s time to move forward, happier times await.

I hit a bit of a wall the last few weeks with the blog, so much sadness but writing about it made me sadder, which is why I didn’t post them (my draft folder is filling up nicely though)

One thing I enjoyed doing earlier this year was my A-Z list and I thought I would have another go, focusing on the positives may bring back some joy and happiness that has been missing. More challenging this time not to duplicate anything from the last list.

So today we move forwards.

Y is for …

Youth, sometimes I wish I could go back in time, do things differently. But then I start to think when, when would I go to ? What would I do differently and how would things have changed ?

It’s impossible to pick a good point in time because you start to remember all the things that happened after that and they might never occur, friends might never be met, boyfriends, jobs might never happen, what would it be like ? Who would I be ?

I think sometimes it does us good to look backwards occasionally as it reminds us how far we’ve come, all we have achieved and the possibilities for the future.

Good luck for whatever the future holds, we’re all heading there…..

W is for …

wool, lots of wool…..

I decided a few weeks ago to ‘have a sort out’ one of those clear out the cupboards, under the bed etc clear outs, now I’ve discovered exactly how much wool I have ! So I’ve started knitting again, I started small a few weeks back with some prem baby hats, but (due to the amount) need to think bigger so I figured I’d make myself a little something.

I’ve started with a ‘simple’ scarf, well that was what the pattern said, after a little googling I’ve figured out the terminology and made a start. It might be finished by Christmas !

I’ve also downloaded a few patterns for patchwork ¬†type throws, which will eat into the stash and I’m considering a temperature blanket but I might need to buy some extra’s for that as I’m not happy with the colour palette I have.

Eventually I will use up some of it, hopefully before I buy more.

U is for …


Well originally it was going to be uniform, as in back to school, but computer glitches happened and it disappeared.

I have a fully working computer again, although I’ve had to move all my photos and documents to external so no photo’s until I get that sorted again.

Now that school has resumed it’s time to seriously start looking for work and once again the job applications are being pinged off daily, fingers crossed something will come along soon. I’ve really enjoyed the summer and spending time with my boy but now I need some adult conversation, routine and stability.

Hope you’re all having a good day


V is for …

Verona, Italy.

Italy is one of my all time favourite places, so that’s why I chose to get married there. It wasn’t easy and involved 6 months of planning with lots of translating of documents, sending said documents to different parts of Italy then finally getting permission. Thankfully I found a wonderful company in London who dealt with all the technical details and left me to get on with the organising of the extras, plus the holiday.

Verona is a beautiful place, the amphitheatre often has operas and of course no trip is complete without a trip to Juliet’s balcony.

So the marriage may not have lasted but I don’t blame Italy and still love the place.


T is for …

Tinnitus, the bane of my life. A few years ago I tripped walking to work and banged my forehead on the pavement. It was pretty gruesome and I’m very lucky to still be here. I impressed quite a few¬†doctors in A&E with the lump on my head. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones.

Unfortunately it also left me with tinnitus, which at times can be overwhelming. Usually after being in a noisy environment or hearing a loud/high pitched sound it will be particularly bad, night-time being the worst as the quiet in the house makes it sound so much louder.

Some days it’s barely there and I enjoy these days but even at it’s worst I remember how lucky I am to still be here with nothing more serious than ringing, noisy ears.