Job hunting continues….

This week has made me a little bit angry and just a tad disheartened. After spending hours completing application forms I had an interview on Monday.

The usual questions,  everything went well and at the end the standard question, do you have anything you wish to ask ?

I asked a couple of questions to clarify a few things and finished with ‘when will you make a decision and are you informing both successful and unsuccessful’ – the answer was by close of business tomorrow (Tuesday) and yes, we will notify either way.

So I waited, and waited and guess what….. nothing. Yes, nothing.

Well not from them anyway, I did get two separate emails from other companies thanking me for my application but ‘after an internal audit they were no longer recruiting’ Why didn’t they do this beforehand and not waste everyone’s time. One of the applications took around two hours, the other about an hour and half.

I should be grateful really, at least with these I had a response, around 90% of the applications I send get nothing, not even an automated thank you we’ll be in touch.

Please, all I ask is if you are recruiting then take a little time to check beforehand that you actually have a vacancy to fill, and an automated message at least gives reassurance that someone is on the other end and possibly even interested.

Employers expect honesty from applicants, but it needs to work both ways. I might be unemployed but I spend around 8 hours sitting at my computer filling in forms, my time is as precious as anyone else’s.

Sorry for the rant x

Life and moving forwards

2016 has been a year of many changes, lots of losses and not many gains. It’s been a sad, lonely year mostly but it’s time to move forward, happier times await.

I hit a bit of a wall the last few weeks with the blog, so much sadness but writing about it made me sadder, which is why I didn’t post them (my draft folder is filling up nicely though)

One thing I enjoyed doing earlier this year was my A-Z list and I thought I would have another go, focusing on the positives may bring back some joy and happiness that has been missing. More challenging this time not to duplicate anything from the last list.

So today we move forwards.

What a week ….

The start of the week was bank holiday, a beautiful sunny day and a perfect day to see the newly placed headstone for my dear friend, Phil. I met his sister and we paid our respects, laughed a little and once again I cried (but nothing new). Then a leisurely breakfast and catch up then home for the parents arriving and the start of more decorating.


Tuesday was ever more emotional as I said goodbye to work, my final day came and went in a flash. One minute I was arriving like it was a normal day, then 7 hours later I was being escorted from the building into a waiting limo and whisked off. What a day, it was sad to be leaving friends and colleagues but new challenges await. We had a drive around in the limo then dropped off at the Albert dock where we had a go on the carousel horses and walked up into Liverpool one for cocktails and a meal at Chaophraya. I’m not a lover of Thai food but this was delicious and I would recommend the food here.

Wednesday was a strange day, no work, no boy, and still I was awake and dressed before 8am, so I made a few essential phone calls then we got stuck into the decorating again, anyone would think we lived in a mansion, but knocking 3 rooms into one, moving the entire kitchen and deciding to decorate another room at the same time probably wasn’t the wisest move but hey ho.

Thursday was a blur, like wednesday it was a decorating, tidy, clean up day finally we feel like the kitchen is coming together and the end is in sight. The lights are all up and only a bit of flooring to finish. But Oscars room was priority, only the woodwork and ceiling was done, the wall paint was too dark.

Friday morning and I’m sitting waiting for the paint shop to open at 8.30 then home to get it on the walls, unfortunately I had arranged to meet up with ‘ex’ work colleagues for farewell drinks so I left my mum up a ladder (again) to go and party .


Saturday morning and sitting outside another shop waiting for them to open, curtains this time. Then back home to finish building the chest of drawers and wardrobe, get it all in the room and pictures, mid way through Oscar arrived home from a weeks holiday with his dad. He was tired but loved the new room.

Sunday has been a catch up day, finishing homework, getting everything together for school tomorrow and finishing off a few bits here and there. The weather has been beautiful so mum has worked hard sorting the garden (it was a building site for a while)

I’m not sure when I had time to work really, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.


Kitchen update !!

So, you might remember a few weeks ago the builders arrived, made lots of mess and then left again. Well then it was our turn to start work.

My mum, step-dad, Oscar and I got stuck in and for the last couple of weeks have been sanding, varnishing, painting, tiling and wallpapering.


The kitchen is 99% completed, and it looks amazing. It’s lovely to be in and is really turning into the ‘heart of the home’


The last part (the dining room area) will be finished soon, just waiting for the fireplace to be fitted so we can decorate that part and it’s all done.

Then we start on Oscar’s bedroom ….


I only have three weeks left before I leave work and it’s an interesting time. It’s been such a huge part of my life, over 14 years, that I feel sad to be going but am optimistic and know the future holds new challenges.¬†Moving from my comfort zone and into the unknown, exciting and scary times ahead.

Meeting new people can be quite stressful. I’m not the most outgoing of people. I’m a warm, friendly, even sociable person but not a social person. I love my own company and often crave quiet solitude, which probably explains why I love libraries and art galleries. Not the busiest or noisiest of places. Strange really because I currently work in an office filled with hundreds of people, it’s very noisy and always busy and yet I love it. In fact thinking about it, I’ve always worked in noisy environments and generally with lots of different people. Maybe that’s why I need to solitude in my leisure time.

I am enjoying pushing myself to try new things, challenge the comfort zone and expand my boundaries. I’m learning new things about myself and even writing this has given me an insight into the weird and wonderful workings of my brain.

I am looking forward to some quality time over summer with my boy, hopefully enjoying the sunshine and maybe I’ll even get through all those weeds on the allotment and finally find the soil…

I think I’m finally starting to live life, exploring it and the more I write about it the more I realise I’m enjoying it.


The builders arrived !

Almost nine years ago we moved into our house, it needed lots of work, most of which was done a couple of months before moving in. Some had to wait.

So after eight years of squeezing into a small kitchen and utility room crammed with all the equipment that wouldn’t fit into the aforementioned tiny kitchen, and a back room which was supposed to be my mums sewing room, filled with ‘junk’, we decided enough was enough. We had to do something about it ….

We spoke to a few builders and went through what we wanted, this led to some interesting discussions/arguments about what was possible. Finally we found a couple who understood and worked with us to sort out plans for our perfect space.

And so it began ….. MESS, and lots of it.


The skip arrived at 7.30am on Monday morning, to the delight of our neighbours.

Then the demolition began.


Lots of mess but well worth it once we saw how good the space looked with just the first wall down and still another to remove. Then the electrician came and put in all the new sockets, light fittings and switches.

Then the doors replaced with windows and the room became different again.

Then the final wall removed, window removed and new french doors put into place.

I put the boy to work, all the wallpaper needed removing for the plastering and skimming. He loved it, finally he got to help.


The electrician and gas man returned and the kitchen installation has begun.

Seeing it all take shape is exciting, noisy and mucky but all worth it for a more useable space.

Still lots to do/be done but one thing is for sure it will involve plenty of coffee.IMG_3662