IMG_3444So it’s the start of spring, the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses are bursting into colour and the days are getting longer. A hopeful time, new beginnings.

I always know when spring is arriving as the cherry blossom starts to appear on the tree in the garden of the church next door. I wake to the sound of the birds singing, earlier and earlier every day.

As the birds are starting to pair up they’re always looking for nest building material, a garden clean up usually helps them with this task, I leave small twigs and dried grass in a pile. It encourages the insects, bedding and food in one place. Also a well stocked bird feeder and table for mama bird to fatten up ready for sitting on her eggs.

The butterflies are just starting to make an appearance now after a winter sleep and the bright colours stand out against the greens and browns from winter. Plus fat bees are starting to buzz around.

I always find spring an optimistic season, things are starting to grow, develop and take shape. Spring is the best time to make those ‘new year’ resolutions, not hung-over and tired in the festive winter season.

My favourite part of spring was always the planning of allotment crops and watching everything starting to bud. Maybe not this year but by next spring we will be planting and planning again.