A busy few days.

Sorry for the lack of posts but things have been a bit busy. I finished work, so decided to re-decorate my bedroom.

My mum went away so I put Oscar into her room and moved some of my furniture into his to make painting easier.  I bought some new wallpaper for the chimney breast wall.


After trying a few tester pots, pale green was the best colour for both the wallpaper and bedding.


The painting was a nightmare, firstly the lilac underneath shone through the first and second coats, then when going to buy another tin of paint my car broke down and I had to be rescued

and buy a new battery for the car. So three days of painting and 2 tins of paint later it was finished, and looks much better and brighter. It also gave me the opportunity to have a clear out of pictures, ornaments and general junk I’ve kept just because.

I also decided to move the bed and some of the furniture, although I would like some new furniture eventually.




What a week ….

The start of the week was bank holiday, a beautiful sunny day and a perfect day to see the newly placed headstone for my dear friend, Phil. I met his sister and we paid our respects, laughed a little and once again I cried (but nothing new). Then a leisurely breakfast and catch up then home for the parents arriving and the start of more decorating.


Tuesday was ever more emotional as I said goodbye to work, my final day came and went in a flash. One minute I was arriving like it was a normal day, then 7 hours later I was being escorted from the building into a waiting limo and whisked off. What a day, it was sad to be leaving friends and colleagues but new challenges await. We had a drive around in the limo then dropped off at the Albert dock where we had a go on the carousel horses and walked up into Liverpool one for cocktails and a meal at Chaophraya. I’m not a lover of Thai food but this was delicious and I would recommend the food here.

Wednesday was a strange day, no work, no boy, and still I was awake and dressed before 8am, so I made a few essential phone calls then we got stuck into the decorating again, anyone would think we lived in a mansion, but knocking 3 rooms into one, moving the entire kitchen and deciding to decorate another room at the same time probably wasn’t the wisest move but hey ho.

Thursday was a blur, like wednesday it was a decorating, tidy, clean up day finally we feel like the kitchen is coming together and the end is in sight. The lights are all up and only a bit of flooring to finish. But Oscars room was priority, only the woodwork and ceiling was done, the wall paint was too dark.

Friday morning and I’m sitting waiting for the paint shop to open at 8.30 then home to get it on the walls, unfortunately I had arranged to meet up with ‘ex’ work colleagues for farewell drinks so I left my mum up a ladder (again) to go and party .


Saturday morning and sitting outside another shop waiting for them to open, curtains this time. Then back home to finish building the chest of drawers and wardrobe, get it all in the room and pictures, mid way through Oscar arrived home from a weeks holiday with his dad. He was tired but loved the new room.

Sunday has been a catch up day, finishing homework, getting everything together for school tomorrow and finishing off a few bits here and there. The weather has been beautiful so mum has worked hard sorting the garden (it was a building site for a while)

I’m not sure when I had time to work really, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.


A new bedroom

Oscar has gone away with his dad for a few days, so the big revamp begins. His room is the smallest in the house but seems to have the most furniture which isn’t really coping with his growing needs.

A few weeks ago whilst looking for wedding flowers (another story for another day) we spotted a bedroom set on offer and it was perfect, for him.

Wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet and headboard.

As soon as he was gone the room was emptied, clothes into suitcases, washing machine and charity bags. Then it should have been a quick coat of paint on walls, ceiling and skirting and furniture in, but on a tight timescale things never go to plan. The kitchen rebuild is almost complete, so that took a day away from this room, then the paint for the walls wasn’t right. It’s too dark, at least all the woodwork is done. I can see it being a late night painting and furniture building on Friday as he’s back Saturday and it would be lovely for it all to be finished.

I hope he likes it …

Kitchen update !!

So, you might remember a few weeks ago the builders arrived, made lots of mess and then left again. Well then it was our turn to start work.

My mum, step-dad, Oscar and I got stuck in and for the last couple of weeks have been sanding, varnishing, painting, tiling and wallpapering.


The kitchen is 99% completed, and it looks amazing. It’s lovely to be in and is really turning into the ‘heart of the home’


The last part (the dining room area) will be finished soon, just waiting for the fireplace to be fitted so we can decorate that part and it’s all done.

Then we start on Oscar’s bedroom ….