Our day out

Oscar went away with school for a week so mum and I decided to have a day of sightseeing in London. Train tickets booked and a few ideas of things we would like to see and off we went.

We left Liverpool, in warm sunshine and arrived in a cold, windy London a little over two hours later.

Our first port of call was the British museum for a brief stop and look at the Egyptian collection and the Rosetta stone.

What an amazing shaped building too. I will be returning to explore more inside here.

Next was the National portrait gallery, a favourite place with stunning art work.

Simply beautiful, then a quick stop for coffee in the crypt at St Martins in the field church. A walk down through Covent Garden and the theatre district, then on to Chinatown for some Dim sum.

Then it was time to start making our way back towards the train station, with tired legs but it was a fun, busy day.



a day in my life …. photo diary

A busy but productive mother/daughter day …..

The film challenge update

I’ve had a lot of time over the last few months and have watched a fair number of films, some have been fantastic but not made the top 250 list and others (on The list) have been awful, tedious and boring.

I finally got organised and put the film list onto an Excel document, marked and highlighted the watched ones, so now I know I have seen 156 out of 250, not a bad figure.

One film I have watched recently (not on the list) was Dreams of a life, a documentary type film. A true story about a woman, Joyce Vincent, who was found dead in her London flat. She had been dead for three years, she had friends, family and work colleagues. So how could it happen ? How can someone just disappear and it not be noticed ? Since finishing work I can understand a little how this could be, I have hardly seen anyone. If it wasn’t for the school run and my immediate family I could have dropped off the earth and not been noticed. Everyone relies on the very ‘unsocial’ social media to keep in contact but I find that I’m using it less now, possible because it feels like my life has nothing going on and very little worth telling anyone about.

Any way enough wallowing, I’ve still got films to watch ……



Where did it go ! The month seems to have flown by and quite a few things happened which kept it interesting.

We started the year with a broken boiler, thankfully it was replaced quickly and without us being without heating or hot water for very long.

The job hunting was still ongoing, applications being sent everywhere, every day and with very little in response. Then one of my old employers died and at the funeral a chance encounter led to a job offer. I met with my new employer and within a couple of hours I was registered for classroom training, online training and my work rota organised. I spent a good few hours doing the online training, thankfully my previous employment had prepared me well for this tedious task.

As well as my old employer we also lost my great uncle, a lovely man who is now reunited with the love of his life.

I spent an evening at the ballet – Giselle – with my mum. Not a ballet either us had seen before, it was very enjoyable. We also bought our tickets to Matthew Bourne’s production of the red shoes for later in the year, super excited !

A few good days out to some new places and some old favourites, mostly alone, the Lady Lever art gallery, Sudley house, World museum, St Georges hall and The Walker art gallery. Not bad for one month.

I’ve also been reading tons, watching films and updating all my challenge lists. more details to follow ….

I hope your January has been a good one x


Last Month

December came and went so fast, I realised whilst updating the list that I didn’t tell you any of the fun we had before, during or after Christmas.

My birthday is in December so for a treat, Oscar and I, went to Liverpool for the day. We went ice skating and then had 3 goes on the ice slide, which was hilarious, and yet again I fell over, I need to start drinking alcohol ! Afterwards we had a lovely meal.



We had a visit to craft fair at Birkenhead Priory, not somewhere I’ve ever visited before but we will return for a proper look around as it was beautiful, if a little cold and Oscar was spooked by the darkness inside, I bought some lovely handmade presents. Maybe a summer visit next time.


Christmas eve we went bowling, and even though I got 3 strikes Oscar still won, I’m sure the machine was broken ! The usual excitement and nerves kicked in waiting for Santa to arrive. Thankfully he did.

Followed by a quiet few days whist Oscar was away with his dad, which gave me some reading and sewing time.

New years eve he was home, just the two of us so it was a quiet one. We made his 3d jigsaw (thankfully all the pieces are numbered), played games and did some reading whilst waiting for midnight and the fireworks. A lovely end to a not so pleasant year.




Another silly list

There’s another one of those lists doing the rounds again, but after reading a few different people responses I thought it would be a good one to do on here.

So here goes…. (and it’s only a bit of fun)

  • Tattoo’s – I don’t have any or plan to get one
  • Piercings – I have the standard ear piercings (when I remember to put them in)
  • Marriages – Just the one
  • Divorces – Just the one
  • Pregnancies – Just the one (see a pattern ?)
  • Children – One perfect one, in my eyes anyway.
  • Surgeries – at least 4, not counting the ones on my ears as a child.
  • Shot a gun – No but had one pointed at me.
  • Quit a job – Only once a long time ago.
  • Flown in a plane – Yes
  • Flown in  a helicopter – Yes, over the Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon
  • Gone over a 1000 miles in a car – Yes, but not in one trip
  • Hit a deer – Thankfully no
  • Gone zip lining – not yet but it’s on the list
  • Cried over someone – Yes, often
  • Fell in love – Yes
  • Skipped school – not that I remember
  • Watched someone give birth – No, not even myself, I slept through it all.
  • Watched someone die – Yes, unfortunately.
  • Been on a blind date – Yes
  • Been to Scotland – Yes, but only Edinburgh
  • Been to Wales – Yes, a few different places.
  • Been to France – Yes, a few places but it’s not my favourite European country
  • Been to America – Yes, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Memphis, New Orleans and Hawaii, although I’ve also passed through airports in many other parts of America.
  • Been to Disneyland (America or Paris) – No
  • Visited Legoland – Yes
  • Been on a cruise – No
  • Ridden in an ambulance – Yes, several times with my clumsy brother as a child and myself during pregnancy.
  • Sang karaoke – No, I like to sing in private, usually in the car.
  • Laughed so much you cried – Yes, especially at the silly things my son says/does.
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue – Not that I can remember but next time it snows I will try it.
  • Served on a jury – No
  • Played in a band – No
  • Had a pet – Yes, dogs, fish and even a cat.
  • Been sledding on a big hill – Yes
  • Been downhill skiing – No, it doesn’t appeal, holidays should be sunny and hot
  • Rode on a motorbike – Yes
  • Rode on a horse – Yes, a few times
  • Stayed in hospital – Yes, 6 weeks was my longest spell, 4 weeks before I gave birth and 2 weeks after.
  • Donated blood – I am not allowed but would if I could.
  • Driven a shift stick – Tried but very uncoordinated, I drive automatic
  • Rode in the back of a police car – Not yet but there’s still plenty of time.
  • Ridden a camel – No
  • Ridden a donkey – Of course, in Blackpool as a child
  • Jumped out of a plane – No
  • Been on TV – No
  • Been scuba diving – No
  • Lived on your own – Yes
  • Had a speeding ticket – No
  • Had stitches – Yes and staples
  • Travelled alone – Yes

So now you know –  what about you, how many have you done ? Anything on here you’d like to do, would never do or do on a regular basis ?


The A-Z of me

  1. A – Age – 44
  2. B – Biggest fear – something happening to my son
  3. C – Current time – 10.48
  4. D – Drink you last had – Tea
  5. E – Easiest person to talk to – It was Phil, and possibly still is, as I talk to him everyday.
  6. F – Favourite song – I don’t really have one, I’m not a huge music person, I listen to the radio and enjoy a variety of songs, but never know who the artist is.
  7. G – Ghosts, are they real ? I do believe in ghosts, but not in a spooky sense.
  8. H – Hometown – Liverpool is my hometown, where I was born and bred.
  9. I – In love with – Oscar
  10. J – Jealous of – I’m not jealous of people generally as the richest people are often the ones with the least. Someone always has more than you, but someone always has less,so enjoy what you have and not what you wish you had.
  11. K – Killed someone – not that I’m aware, but my cooking can be a bit hit or miss !
  12. L – Last time you cried – I’m always crying, everything sets me off.
  13. M – Middle name – Louise
  14. N – Number of siblings – 3 blood siblings but many more non-blood siblings.
  15. O – One wish – For peace around the world and all children to live without fear.
  16. P – Person you last called – Home, to tell them the brake light wasn’t working on their car.
  17. Q – Question you’re always asked – ‘whose picking me up from school?’
  18. R – Reason to smile – My nutty family
  19. S – Song you last sang – Brown eyed girl – Van Morrison – it was on the radio whilst I was writing this.
  20. T – Time you woke up – 6.55 a.m.
  21. U – Underwear you’re wearing – Bridget Jones underwear, sod pretty, I’d rather be comfortable.
  22.  V – Vacation destination – nothing planned as yet, once again it’s finance based so probably not abroad. If we win the lottery then it would be India, Italy or Canada depending on the time of year.
  23. W – Worst habit – overthinking, and worrying about things that might never happen.
  24. X – X-rays – I can’t remember having any myself although I’ve been with both my brother and son when they’ve had them.
  25. Y – Your favourite food – I’m not overly fussy but love spicy tasty food, I don’t like plain, bland food especially mashed potato.
  26. Z – Zodiac sign – Sagittarius

So that’s me summed up in 26 easy steps. What about you ?