The film list update

Guess what I forgot to do last year ?

That’s right update the film challenge from 50 things

I had a look at the end of January at the current IMDB 250 list, although I have been to the cinema, it’s not been as much as in previous years and I haven’t watched as many films as I’ve been too busy catching up on TV series box sets.

Looking at the most recent list there aren’t very many from the last 2 years that have made the top 250 although I haven’t seen a couple of the ones listed and I did notice quite a few older films that I’ve still not seen so maybe it’s time to track some of them down and rack up the total.

The current total is 176 of 250, close but still plenty to watch, although I have to say I’m not sure why some of them made the top 250 list. I’ve watched plenty of really good films which never made the list but should have.

An update

I’m rubbish at blogging recently. I have time but nothing to write or lots to write but not enough time.

I missed my blogversary, it was 25th Feb and to be honest I don’t even remember what I was doing that day/night. I do know that my first post, 50 things was written to give me some challenges in a somewhat boring, mundane life. Since then my life has been turned upside down and inside out and if anything it feels even more boring now than 12 months ago. I am still working on completing the challenges but trying to change to a more enjoyable life is a bigger priority.

My new job isn’t working out very well, although it is at least paying the bills. I have other options ongoing so hopefully better things are to come.

The Oscar’s have been and gone, so I will update the film list in the next few days. I have watched some excellent films recently, although most haven’t made it on to the top 250 list. The book challenge is coming along well, travelling by bus most days allows reading time I never had when driving to work previously. It does have its drawbacks though, like when school ring about a sick child and it takes over an hour to get there, even though its only about 5 miles.

I will make an effort this week to post more and read as many other blogs as possible.




My film challenge dilemma

One of the challenges on my 50 before 50 list is to watch every movie on the IMdb top 250 list, however as previously discussed, I had a dilemma with this one as the list is constantly updated with new films.

I think I have figured a solution to the problem, I have printed a current list and marked off all the films I have seen, not a bad total of 115 out of 250. I won’t list them all or we could be here a while (unless you really want me too).

Then each year, the week after the Academy awards (Oscars) I will print off a new list and mark how many new (in the last 12 months) films on that list I have watched and update the figure.

This seems the easiest option as the list is updated almost daily. If you think of an easier way or better idea feel free to offer it, but bear in mind this challenge has another 7 years to run and I enjoy watching films, although not a huge t.v fan, I tend to binge watch series once they have finished.