Allotment update

Finally managed a few days at the allotment, it was a bit of a shock at first seeing how much the weeds and grass had grown, but a few hours of hard work paid off and soon it was looking better. Lots of burning happened again today and the wood/bramble cuttings from last year are now completely gone. Yippee …

On a positive note the bottom plot, 331, is almost completely cleared of brambles and has lots of gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes. Whilst the top half plot 332 is about three-quarters cleared, only the very back section is still seriously overgrown but it’ll have to wait until nearer winter as the priority is sorting the fencing, car area, compost space and keeping weeds down and (fingers crossed) rotavating it soon.

So much to do !




Back to the jungle

Finally I managed to get back to the allotment, although jungle is more apt than allotment. I was a little worried as I arrived as the weather has been warm and dry for a little while and I’ve not been able to get there with all our building work at home. 

This was the sight that greeted me … 

Lots of bluebells, snowdrops and huge, very loud bumblebees. It was lovely. 

So I set to work, I moved the incinerator bin and started the fire going. My mission was to turn these piles into ash … 


and for an hour it was good going, the fire burned IMG_3809

and the pile started to reduce but then the rain started. Typical British weather strikes again. I muddled on for another half hour but was soaked and trying to keep a fire going in the rain is not fun. Time for a tidy up and another quick photo before dousing the fire and heading home. 


Looking at the before and after pictures made me realise just how much I did achieve in such a short time. Fingers crossed for dry weather overnight and in the morning so I can get back there again. 

One day we will grow veggies, until then we will be happy with all the fruit bushes round the edges and burning stuff. 



Sunshine and spring


The beautiful sun is shining for the first day of spring today. A time to be outdoors and getting busy sorting the overgrown plot, affectionately known as ‘the allotment’

The word allotment conjures up visions of rows of dark soil, wigwams of canes, greenhouses filled with seed trays and pots of flowers everywhere. However mine was very unloved for a long time and is reluctantly shedding the weeds and brambles that have overwhelmed it.

For the last few months it’s been mostly about cutting and chopping the overgrowth, but the piles of woody stems has steadily risen.

Today  I bought a new toy and decided to tackle those piles. I wish I’d bought it sooner, it made short work of the (thankfully) dry brambles and the heat would have been very welcome during the colder winter months. After two hours of cutting and burning one pile was gone, very satisfying to finally see it disappearing.

Spring has definitely sprung today, it was lovely seeing and hearing all the birds, plus butterflies and lots of red-tailed bumblebees buzzing around.

One bonus of all the overgrowth is finding interesting features. This one has been my favourite so far. Can you tell what it is ?