Community time

Our allotment association has had a community plot for a long time, before I arrived on the site. In the year I have been there nothing much has been done, other than an occasional mowing and it’s not been used.

This year we elected a few new people on to the committee and the decision was made to try and build the community on-site before doing any off-site events. It didn’t go down with some of the previous committee members but the numbers of people coming to the meetings has been reducing every meeting.

Our new chair-person came up with an idea to have a ‘community day’ once a month we come together to get the community plot up and running and build the social side. It started a month ago when a few of us turned up and made a plan of what the plot should be used for and the best way to accomplish this. We decided to create two different spaces in different places, the first would be an enclosed space, easy maintenance, grassed over with seating and a barbecue area. We can use this space for the allotment children to have a safe space to play and mix if they don’t want stay on their own plots, parents and grand parents will know they are safe too also it will be used for once a month afternoon tea’s and our yearly summer party.

This weekend we had our first ‘community working day’, six of us turned up, one I’ve never met before, and got stuck in. Two people started clearing rubbish from around the whole site, two clearing rubbish from the plot and two started clearing a space to create compost, wood-chip and soil bins.

I was one of the people working on the plot, after half an hour we had filled 8 rubbish bags and a bucket full of glass. The plot was very overgrown, mostly grass but also the previous owners crops, we started pulling these up, removing the weeds and digging over the beds. The idea is to level the plot, it’s very uneven and then cover with grass seed. Whilst working more people arrived and commented on the progress, unfortunately the weather started to turn but we took lots of photo’s and posted them to our allotment group to show the progress we made and it has encouraged more people to help, the people who can’t make it at weekend are going to do whatever they can, sometimes people need to see something happening before they get involved.

Progress is going slowly but steadily and I made a new allotment buddy. It was a win-win weekend.


12 months on ….

I miss you everyday, I say good morning to your photo in the kitchen and tell you my fears, dreams and joys every night before I sleep. We sing along to songs you loved in the car and laugh at the funny things you did with us.

You may not be here in body but in our hearts and minds you will never be forgotten. A huge part of our lives and always will be, Phil,my best friend.

You were as stubborn and as opinionated as me and from time to time we disagreed in a BIG way, but you always valued my views and although didn’t agree could let it pass between us. I know you loved listening to the drama/disaster/chaos going on in my life and workplace because it took your mind away from your pains and problems. One of the things I miss most is waking up to a text message telling me what offer you found at Tesco at 3am because you couldn’t sleep.

I know wherever you are everyone around you will be well fed with a smile on their faces.




Sadness overwhelms

Yesterday I lost my soulmate, the news was unexpected and shocking. My best friend for 26 years, the one person who totally understood me. The shock was overwhelming, I felt like I was drowning, even breathing hurt. Talking with family helped enormously, sharing our stories and happy times. 

Its a strange feeling, he has been ill for many years but someone you expected to go on forever. Someone I could pick up the phone and speak to about anything, at any time day or night. He supported me though some of my worst moments and never wanted or expected anything in return. He picked me up when I was down and always made me smile. A funny guy without trying or really even knowing it. 

A heart of gold, he would help anyone but hated asking for help. It wasn’t always plain sailing, we are both stubborn and quite often butted heads over things, but a few days would pass and the quarrel was soon forgotten. A wonderful photographer who took lovely pictures of my son and I, on some of our days out, memories which we will always treasure. 

He was my rock, my constant and always will be. I will miss our nights out and the plans we had for summer but will always remember the fun times we shared. I don’t think my son will ever forget our week in Blackpool. Breaking the news to him was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. We will remember him fondly and take him with us in our hearts everywhere we go. 

The world has lost a beautiful soul.