The London photo challenge

Sometimes cities can seem a little ‘educational’ for children with all the museum and galleries, especially as they focus on learning and don’t always make it fun. So I decided to give Oscar a fun focus and a reason for us both to use our cameras.

This was the list …..

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. Tower guard
  3. A duck on the street
  4. A street performer
  5. An underground sign
  6. A view from the sky
  7. A view from the water
  8. A shoe in the wall
  9. Street art
  10. The smallest police box
  11. A London Met police officer
  12. A Tardis
  13. Paddington bear
  14. Harry Potter
  15. Queen Victoria
  16. With a superhero
  17. Big Ben
  18. Nelsons column
  19. Tower Bridge
  20. The London Eye
  21. China town
  22. Wembley way
  23. Bobby Moore
  24. A shop or sign with your name.

And here are the results …

We had a good time and made some happy memories. Still plenty to see and do so tie to plan another visit.


London – Part 4

Friday started with a tour of Royal Albert Hall, the highlight of Oscar’s holiday (so far). He loves classical music and the BBC proms were rehearsing, this also meant we were unable to take photo’s or video inside. However it was amazing to see and hear.


Afterwards, with the sun shining, we decide to walk across to the Serpentine Gallery to see the Grayson Perry, The most popular exhibition ever, he is one of my favourite artists. It gave us some interesting topics to discuss afterwards.


It was a lovely day so we decided to stay in the park for a while and wandered round to the Diana Memorial Fountain, which was full of kids and adults enjoying the cooling water.

Hunger started to set in around mid afternoon, as we were close I thought the Hard Rock Cafe would be a fun place to stop and eat.

I’m not sure if you can tell but Oscar was very unimpressed, however he enjoyed the food and mocktails. All the walking was starting to take it’s toll, so we headed back to the hotel early for a well deserved rest.

Saturday we had no plans, so we had a little lie in and a late breakfast then headed out for a walk around the shops. We headed along Oxford street and Regent Street until we got bored (me before him) then took a stroll into Mayfair to ‘car spot’ the boy was in his element. No stopping him, other people had noses pressed against the window of car showroom’s, Oscar went straight inside and told them ‘I’m just looking’. Ferrari asked him not touch, Porsche asked him not to touch one car, which had just been sold but Bentley were by far the best, not only no problem looking they asked if he’d like to sit inside and try the different cars to see which he preferred. Excellent service, lovely staff.

This was a special day for him.

London – Part 3

Thursday was, once again, a lovely sunny day so we walked to Covent Garden. When we arrived it was very quiet, not something I’ve experienced before, but it was lovely to sit with a coffee and watch the market setting up.

As you may know from previous posts, I love Ballet so I booked us a tour of the Royal Opera house, one of my favourite places. It was the summer break for the National Ballet company but the Russian Ballet were touring and so we were limited with photograph’s. However we did get to see them rehearsing and warming up for the evening performance during our back stage tour we also saw the costume designers and tailors working hard, making a stunning layered red dress, although they wouldn’t tell us what it was for. We had a look in the royal box (which doesn’t have the best view) then went up to the ‘cheap’ seats which have a fantastic view, you get the best view of the stage and into the orchestra pit too.


From here we had a wander around the market and bought a couple of souvenirs, then went to the London film museum which had a James Bond exhibition with the vehicles and costumes from all the films. Oscar went a little crazy with the camera and we ended up with around 300 photo’s. Here’s just a few.

London – Part 2

Wednesday started with another delicious breakfast and off we went for a day exploring the South Bank. First we went to see Art of the Brick – A Lego Superheroes exhibition. It was pretty impressive, especially the full size figures and Bat-mobile made completely from regular Lego bricks. They had even copied magazine covers.


From here we had a stroll along to the South Bank centre, they had created a beach area for the children and many were playing in the fountains, although the British weather was as reliable as ever and within a few minutes we went from …..


Yes the rain started, just as we began to queue for the London Eye, thankfully the wonderful weather the day before meant we had seen most of London from above, on the cable cars with beautiful blue skies, not today though. The photo’s were blurred from the rain on the glass on the pod. It was still a good experience and Oscar wasn’t as bothered about the height as it moved very slowly and less noticeable.


Very wet and a little cold we decided to make our way back to the hotel early, clean up and then find somewhere to eat. The rain didn’t last long and by early evening had cleared so we decided to have a wander and see where we ended up. Oscar spotted a tiny Italian (his favourite) restaurant, which was a fantastic choice. The food was beautifully cooked, very fresh and tasty.


Our London holiday – Part 1

A few years ago I took Oscar to London, he loved it and ever since has been asking to go back. So this is what we did.

We started off on a sunny Monday morning, travelling in style with Virgin trains.


A lovely, laid-back relaxing journey to a very busy London Euston. Our accommodation was a short walk from the station, in the Garden Halls in the University of London. I was a little unsure about what it would be like, it was much cheaper than most hotels in the same area, but I wasn’t disappointed. The room was clean and comfortable with bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a desk/chair area. The Wi-fi was excellent and plenty of plugs in the room. The bathroom was spotless. Down the corridor from our room was a kitchen, which we had full use of, it included a fridge, microwave and kettle plus tables and chairs. The games room has old style arcade games, which Oscar loved. We never got chance to use the tennis courts but these were also included in the price !

The restaurant was lovely and breakfast was everything you could ever ask for, hot, cold, English, continental plus much more.


Our first afternoon we just wandered around, got our bearings and sorted out my oyster card for using the tube, (little tip children under 11 travel free on the tube with an adult using an oyster card).

Tuesday we were up and out early, after a hearty breakfast. Onto the tube and a reasonably short journey to Wembley stadium. The weather was beautiful and we arrived with plenty of time to look around the concourse, see the statues and read the plaques before our tour started. The tour took us all around the stadium, from players changing rooms and bathrooms, VIP area, different parts of the stadium seating, including the Royal box, press conference room and the technical area pitch side. We had a little rivalry going on as Oscar wore his Everton top and another family were Manchester United fans, the banter about the Rooney/Lukaku switch was fun and the two boys got to lead ‘their’ team out the players tunnel, after shaking hands like good team captains should.




From here we had a short walk and decided to try a different form of transport, the Emirates cable cars. I didn’t realise how high it went until we were on it but the view was amazing, even if Oscar didn’t appreciate it.


We decided to try a third transport option of the day and took the river shuttle back to the city.

As it was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to make to most of the sunshine and spent the afternoon at the Tower of London, it was a little expensive to get in (thankfully Oscar was free with his Blue Peter badge), it was interesting to see the torture devices in the tower, the Crown jewels and trying on some very heavy armour.


After a busy day we took a slow stroll back towards the hotel and 27,000 steps later we fell into bed for a much needed sleep.

Our day out

Oscar went away with school for a week so mum and I decided to have a day of sightseeing in London. Train tickets booked and a few ideas of things we would like to see and off we went.

We left Liverpool, in warm sunshine and arrived in a cold, windy London a little over two hours later.

Our first port of call was the British museum for a brief stop and look at the Egyptian collection and the Rosetta stone.

What an amazing shaped building too. I will be returning to explore more inside here.

Next was the National portrait gallery, a favourite place with stunning art work.

Simply beautiful, then a quick stop for coffee in the crypt at St Martins in the field church. A walk down through Covent Garden and the theatre district, then on to Chinatown for some Dim sum.

Then it was time to start making our way back towards the train station, with tired legs but it was a fun, busy day.